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If a visitor has already read a post, this add-on will make sure that post is no longer recommended to them.

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Product Description

The Engagement Grower Fresh Content Add-on is the best way to keep your content fresh.

The system detects if one of your site visitors has viewed a post before. If they have seen the post (for a specified amount of time), it will no longer recommend this post to them.

That means that your users will only ever get recommended posts that they have never read, ensuring they won’t get bored with reading the same content.


The add-on is extremely easy to use. All you need is follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you already have the main Engagement Grower plugin installed. The premium add-ons won’t work without the main plugin installed.
  2. Buy the add-on. You will be emailed a link to download the add-on’s files and the license key. You can also see your downloads/licenses by going to your account page.
  3. Login to your own WordPress site.
  4. Go to the Engagement Grower -> Add-ons page on your WordPress admin site.
  5. Find the Add-on you purchased and copy the license key into the license field. The system should automatically start downloading the latest version of the add-on you purchased. It will also try to install and activate the add-on.
  6. If something fails in the process (sometimes happens depending on your server’s configuration), you can install the plugin manually. Just download the add-on’s  “.zip” file using the link you were sent. You can then upload this file using WordPress’ built in plugin installation process.
  7. Once the add-on is installed & activated, it should start working immediately! You can also view its settings page to further customize the add-on.

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