You’ll find tons in Vincent Dignan’s Secret Sauceincluding growth hacking, the ins and outs of social media, landing pages, marketing, SEO and sales and more. For starters, here’s a bit of what we learned going through the course…

Reply to everyone who reaches out to you. Get back to them with a personalized email in 24 hours, or simply set up an automatic reply after purchase that includes a personal note from you.

Ask for advice. It gives others a boost to know they have something to offer others. They’ve got a voice so let them use it for good. It’s instant engagement for you and encouragement for them. In addition, asking for advice makes people think you’re smarter.

Give back 3 times over. Give and it will be given to you. Dignan says to tag followers three times somewhere on social media. Someone sent you an email? Like, retweet, whatever – throw back something on social media, both as a thank you and encouragement to a new fan.


Order your landing page for optimum engagement. According to Dignan, you’ll want a strong headline, tagline, and short sentence sharing the problem you’re solving for your audience. Add videos, benefit bullet points, multiple conversion buttons, and maybe even your best testimonials.

Target skeptics. Save a chunk of your landing page for skeptics willing to read along for more. Reward due diligence with a special discount action button! Join now and we’ll throw in an extra…! 

Talk to the little guy. Honoring everyone because they’re a person like you is not just good because it’s right. In our world, every new man has the chance to become a business king. You never really know with whom you’ve just tweeted! 🙂

Make lemonade with bad reviews. We all know bad reviews are the pits, but they keep you humble, teachable, and good at relating to all kinds of people. Even totally nutty responses give you a chance to practice the virtue of gnome, that is, knowing what to do when the common rules don’t apply. You’ll not only keep up your business chops, you’ll be better with people in any situation.