In a noisy world, the squeaky wheel doesn’t always get the most attention. Heads may turn for a few moments, but that’s all. But there’s a way to get your customers in the fray to wake up! And it all depends on what they’ve got already – human nature.

Go for shock value. Anything surprising or unexpected wakes up the mind, making us go through an immediate learning process. Whenever you can get a reader to stop and wonder what is it? you’ve got their attention. Try headlining two unrelated things, writing copy with long-tail punchlines, or simply giving your audience a good suspenseful story. Get their attention for 15 seconds, and there’s a good chance they’ll come back for more.



Take for example, flash mobbingThough you’re familiar with both the song, and the store, finding yourself surrounded by a singing flash mob in the mall is a totally strange experience. Elements of wonder, humor, delight, and slight panic commingle for a time to wake up your sense and enjoy the moment. In the song, the shopping list and time constraints are forgotten. You’re lost in the moment you’ll never forget. Find a way to flash mob your readers online (though not with a pop-up!). This entails knowing your audience, their likes, concerns, pastimes–their world. You know what comes naturally to them, so ask yourself, how can I flash mob them with a really great surprise?



Ask them for advice. You’ve got to engage with your audience, and everyone loves to play the consultant. Why not give your audience a chance to give you a piece of their mind? But here’s the key – it’s gotta be short. Even if you want more information, start with a simple poll, nothing more. Open a combox for those wishing to go the extra-super-long review mile, and mark this group for a longer survey in the future. And don’t be afraid of bad reviews. In fact, as long as they’re cordial, their advice can be more profitable than anything you’ll get from your fans.