In one of history’s most famous battles, a band of wildly outnumbered Greeks held off the seemingly invincible Persians, all by fighting at the opening of a very small pass in a mountainside. So what makes the Battle of Thermopylae so powerful in our history? It’s a story of the underdog using every resource to do the impossible. Though the Greeks were outnumbered, and worn out, they were ready to fight because they had mastered the fine points–the details–of war.

In a similar way, every detail counts when boosting your SEO. According to another great soldier, General Patton, a pint of sweat can save a gallon of blood. That is, work on the details first. The good news is, you don’t have to be a general–or tech whiz–to get your content out to the world!

Start by writing clickable headlines using hooks, suspense, and even promises. When it comes to stories, we all want to know the ending. Take advantage of this trait in human nature, and add a little suspense to your titles, or even better, give them an offer they can’t refuse.

After the title, keep the momentum going by opening your post with a story they’ve just gotta read. Don’t rush into the subject matter–remember, long form posts are in! You can bullet point the body of your post, but try entertaining them first.


Speaking of, long form content ranks higher on GoogleNot too long ago, short form was all the rage. The fear was that people wouldn’t read long form articles, nor would search engines pick them up. Not so. Google actually prefers the long form! And more surprisingly, so do most of your readers. But beware, long form posts without bullet points, chapters, subject headings, et al. are in danger of being clicked away!

Keep it in good order. Bullet points, highlighting, italics, bold words, numbering, you name it. Keep it clean and uniform, including a few of these to make your main points jump out. Your content may be long form, but that doesn’t mean your readers will endure unmarked or unnumbered paragraphs!

Niche down clear keywords and key phrases. Instead of relying on simple keywords to connect with your audience, try niching down to make long-tail keywords. If you’re a dog groomer in Birmingham, don’t rely on ‘dogs’ as a keyword, or even ‘dog grooming,’ but ‘dog grooming Birmingham Alabama’.

Make sure it’s mobile friendlyThough desktop still wins when it comes to time on page, over 55% of consumer traffic comes from mobile devices. This means your presentation on desktop and mobile’s got to be both uniform and easy to use.

Update your content. Keeping up fresh content gives you credibility. No need to rewrite posts–just tweak here and there with updated facts, stats, and dates. Repost or simply refresh the page, and you’ve got up-to-date news you readers will appreciate!

Share your work. Get your work out there with social media, emails, texts–even the phone! Let the world know your work’s ready for the taking, and make sure you thank those who share your work.