With just a few seconds to grab audience attention, you’ll want an amazing landing page to keep inquisitors reading, and regulars returning!

First things first: Craft a great logo. Keep it bold, front and center. Next, craft your perfect headlineThink short and sweet here. Give the basic idea of your business, and nothing more. Throw ideas around with family and friends until you hit a line that works for you. Yes, you can change the tagline, but it’s much better to get the right one at the beginning.


Third, say what you need to say. If it’s fitting, follow your headline with a few (again, short) lines about you, the product, or service. Answer the immediate questions of your audience, and give them a link, button, or direction to the next step. Tell them how you’re solving the problem they’ve clicked to ask!

Fourth, clear the path. Think less is more. It’s easy at this point to add buttons and links in the name of helping your audience, but in reality, if they’re overwhelmed, they won’t come back. No matter what, keep the clutter–and the scrolling–to a bare minimum.

Fifth, Have a shoot out. Save the paragraphs and monologues for the opera house, but keep your site saloon-worthy with bullets only. If you need to say anything more on the landing page, bullet points are the way to go. Remember, most people read emails or text online all day! Give their eyes a break by keeping your points brief. 

Last, but definitely not least, help them say ‘Yes!’

With the above steps, you’ve got ’em at the door. Turn on the Southern hospitality and ask them to Come on in! Center your ask on a big, clear, colorful conversion button -and give them a sale, bonus, or ebook in return for their emails. Voila, they’re in!

Around your big ask button, Show Off! Give your newcomers the courage to click by surrounding your conversion button with testimonials. Get your biggest fans to say anything fantastic about you and/or your work. Add photos, links, titles, hometowns–anything to show your stuff makes people really happy.