Follow your followers

For a product and website match made in cyber heaven, perhaps it’s best to start with your audience. Check out your followers’ pages to see what sparks their happiness fires, and take these as big hints on where your website needs to be visually. You’ll also want to match your text with your audience: Are you talking to the young or old? Hipsters or history buffs? What are their hopes, fears, dreams? Target their wishes with words and vibrant images, and you’re that much closer to building trust–and a good business.



Clean out the clutter

Host–and post–as if everyone has 15 seconds on your site (because in reality, that’s the case with many, if not most, of your visitors). Center the big message and highlight the call to action buttons. Keep taglines,  headlines, and sign-ups short and sweet. Multiply your action buttons so they’re not scrolling or searching to find them. Appeal to audience momentum, and get them involved while you can! Mark your action buttons in bold: Start Now, Get It Here, 20% discount, etc.



Stay calm and logo on

In all your designs, be consistent. Get a logo that fits you and put it everywhere, from posts and pitches, to products and personal emails to customers. Don’t hesitate to go ‘logo-loco’! If you’ve got a great product, your logo’s a sign of trust, a stamp of quality, and something your people appreciate seeing when they come back for more.



Be Surprise-less

Unless it’s a birthday party (and even these can be iffy) most customers don’t want surprises. In fact, your tribe comes to you for a product or emotional pick-up to get away from the surprises of life. Life’s wild enough, so give them a place of quality comfort that’s super easy to navigate. Want to give a little surprise anyway? Add a discount, freebie, or bonus. But when it comes to website design, keep your changes to a minimum.



Say it with color

Play around with colors that fit you, because you’ll be looking at your site more than anyone! To match colors for comfort and sophistication, use the color wheel. Color theory helps you match complimentary colors, giving harmony to the visual whole of your website. Whether you like warm or cool colors, you’ll be able to match hues, tints, tones, and shades, using this simple wheel artists spin daily. And you don’t even need to know how to draw to use it!