Manual Installation

  1. Download the plugin zip file. This file contains everything you need to get started.
  2. Once it’s saved to your computer, go to your WordPress site under the Plugins menu.
  3. Click the Add New Plugin button.
  4. Select the Engagement Grower plugin zip file to upload.
  5. Activate the plugin and enjoy!

Note- If you want to know how to get the plugin configured, check out our other article.


Installing from the WordPress Plugin Directory

Installing from the plugin directory is the easiest way of installing the plugin. It also makes it extremely easy to update the plugin in the future (more about that later).


  1. Go to your WordPress site under the Plugins menu.
  2. Click the Add New button.
  3. Search for “Engagement Grower”.
  4. Click “Install Now”, then click “Activate”


Installing Premium Add-ons

The Engagement Grower Add-ons add advanced features to the plugin. Each one you install will show up as a new plugin. The whole Engagement Grower suite of plugins all work together to provide a cohesive experience. Because the WordPress Directory does not allow premium plugins, the add-ons must be installed manually.

To install the add-ons:

  1. NOTE- You must first have Engagement Grower installed before installing any add-ons.
  2. Go to the Engagement Grower Add-on Page
  3. Select which add-on you want and buy it.
  4. After completing the checkout page, you will be given a license key. Make sure to write this down in a safe place.
  5. You will also be given the Add-on’s zip file that you can use to install it.
  6. From here, there are two ways of installing the plugin.
    1. Automatically
      1. Go to your WordPress site in the Engagement Grower -> Add-ons section.
      2. Click “Enter License” for the add-on that you bought
      3. Copy and paste your license key into the field and click save.
      4. If all goes well, it should automatically download, install, and activate the latest version of the add-on.
      5. For as long as your license key is active, the add-on will keep getting updates.
      6. If the automatic process fails, you might have to install it manually. This can sometimes happen because of the way your web host is setup. Automatic downloading and installing is sometimes disabled.
    2. Manually
      1. Download the Add-on plugin zip file you were given when you bought the plugin.
      2. Follow the manual installation process for installing a plugin.
      3. After installation and activation is complete, enter your license key into the Engagement Grower -> Add-ons section. This will allow for updating the plugin in the future.


Updating the Plugin

  1. Go to your WordPress site in the Plugins section.
  2. You should see a list of all of your installed plugins.
  3. If there is a new version of the Engagement Grower plugin or any of your installed add-ons, you should see a prompt by it indicating that there is an update. Note- for updates to show up on the premium add-ons, an active license must be entered.


Uninstalling the Plugin

  1. Go to you WordPress site in the Plugins section.
  2. Under the Engagement Grower plugin, click the “Deactivate” button if the plugin is activated or the “Delete” button if the plugin is not.
  3. Tell all of your friends how much you loved our plugin. 🙂