Your first title is just that–your first.

Remember what your parents said about your first job? Honey, it’s just that. Your first job. Same with the written word. Even the most fabulous writers call the first draft the “Bad First Draft” because the two most always go together. Just get your thoughts out and go with it. 25 tries later you may have a rockin’ headline, but consider the first attempts priming the pump. Want good writing advice? Try Anne Lamott’s Bird By Bird. Pick up a copy and be encouraged!




Write the post before the title.

Writing the post is the toughest part anyway, so give it a whopping K.O. Throw out title ideas to a roommate or friend, leave them overnight to simmer in your unpublished queue, or simply decide you’ll change the title later this week. You’ll find sometimes the silliest, strangest, titles work the best!


headlinesDress up in style.

Put alliteration, drama, rhyme, and exiting, suspenseful tones in your headlines.  These old English lesson tricks spice up your writing, captivating your readers in those first critical clickable seconds.


headlinesFor Google-eyes only!

Keep under 70 characters and Google shows your full title. Try going beyond the 70 characters and leave your audience to click in suspense, saving the a key word or two for last. For example, Secret Diet Uncovers The Shocking Truth Behind Weight Loss: One Simple…Curiosity may kill the cat, but it keeps the clicking going!


headlinesWrite home.

We all want to reach the world with what we love, but try niching down your posts to a very narrow group. You may think niching down too much limits your audience, but remember…there’s over 3 billion of us online.


headlinesGive ’em a K.I.S.S.

Keep.It.Super.Simple. Tout a ‘101’ post, outline a crash course on a certain topic, and let them know they’ll get the basics in just one page!


headlinesThe power of listicles…with surprise endings.

Somehow putting a number at the beginning of a title captivates readers. It’s somehow informative and fun, whimsical and serious, both at the same time. It doesn’t have to be long, in fact, sometimes the shorter the better. To make your listicle uber-clickable, promise a surprise ending, revealing secrets only insider-clickers will know:
…And You Won’t Believe #3,
…BTW #5 Never Works,
or …#7 Changed My Life!
Want to really spice things up? Promise to tell a secret…about yourself!
The Real Reason Why I’ll Never…
The One Thing I Thought I’d Never Find In Boston
It’s your blog, and changing headlines takes seconds–so play around, check your analytics, and have fun!