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Whatever you do, you’ve got to love it enough to walk through the rough patches to get to the summit. If you’re not quite sure what you’d like to do for a blog or business, try these simple steps to ‘prime the pump’ of your passion:

Write your own obituary (the quick way to uncover a ‘life plan’)

Talk with family and friends about your strengths

Write a list of 20 things you’d like to blog about

And most importantly, take a day retreat into the silence and get a bird’s eye view of your life.

Time is limited and opportunities lost seldom return, so do it now! Don’t wait!




Play The Customer

To capture a niche, look for spots in any product or industry that need work.

On a backpacking trip, I almost started a business. Why? Trail experience gives you a lot of hiker-hack ideas! Ask yourself, ‘What’s wrong with the world, and where could my gifts be part of the solution?’



nicheHosting a non-profit?

If you’re looking to springboard into a new full-flung career, you’ll want to make sure you can pay your bills, save a bit, and grow from there. But if you’re blogging your ideas and passions as a side-gig or avocation, then go ahead and have a blast!

You’ll soon find ways to make money with your site using things like paid ads, affiliate links, and your own product sales, even if it’s just fun merch for all your devotees.




So what if…

What if you’ve found your niche, but after a while you a) become tired of it, or b) don’t have a lot of traffic (or both)?

Start at the very beginning (sing it! ‘a very good place to start’). Revisit what got you here in the first place. What started your blog? Was it topic interest? Maybe you’ve moved on. Was it travel? Maybe you’re in a nesting phase of your life. Can you niche down again? For example, if you have a blog about coffee, and your favorite posts are about fair trade, consider niching down your blog, or starting a new one. Niche down enough and you might become the world’s expert. Recall what happened to Gregor Mendel‘s 8 years of experimentation with peas. He became the father of modern genetics!