engagementPost Videos On Social Media

Making a video is much easier than you think. Filmmakers abound, and even simple animation or moving photos can do wonders for audience retention. With over 80% of Twitter users watching video tweets, and hundreds of millions of video watched every week, it’s something in our uber-fast world that’s only going to be more important in the coming days.



engagementMake Posting Goals For Your Business

Don’t just blog here and there. Set new year goals for posting, on calendar and on schedule. Give your readers more of what they’re looking for and keep them coming back to check for news, updates, and specials. If you feel swamped, farm it out to an outgoing believer in your business, someone you can trust with both the content and tone of your company.



Try Bold Images Without Text

Often, a picture’s worth…way more than you have the time or energy to write! With that in mind, try posting bold, beautiful images that captivate you. No doubt they’ll captivate your tribe as well. With great images by talented professionals for free on sites like stocksnap.io and unsplash, there’s no need to worry about subscriptions. Just screenshot, download, and post.



engagementKing Content

Think of the sites you check over morning coffee, or sites you frequent during your commute. Ask yourself, “What keeps me coming back?” and use your answer as a roadmap to making great posts for your business.



engagementFace To Face With Your Customers

It’s the number one rule of life and business. You’ve got to know what–and who–you’re dealing with. Get the “what is” question answered, and you’re way ahead of the pack on keeping your audience engaged, longterm.



engagementDouble Down

If your audience goes wild over something, don’t think twice about posting it again (and again). Sure, you can tweak, update, and add here and there, but don’t hesitate to say the same thing. Repetition can be a really good thing.