reasonsYou’re Not Captivating Their Attention

You may have great content, but if you don’t catch your reader’s attention in around 10 seconds, they’re gone. Try adding a bold, brave headline–just a few words to let the world know what you’re about. Then add a few more lines, making a roadmap to the next steps. Got a great product, a free ebook, or an email signup for insiders? Make those buttons BIG.



reasonsThey’re Confused

Think of yourself as a mountain guide for city folks. You know the terrain and they’ve come to discover. Not only do you keep them on the best road, you instruct, teach, and encourage along the way. If there’s information overload, dark tunnels, and rough patches, the pleasure’s lost and they’ll want to go home. Present enough clear information, make the trip easy, and keep the journey bright!



reasonsThey Don’t Get Their Questions Answered

Especially if you’re content driven and building a community online, you’ve got to know and answer the questions your people are asking. Keep the comment box open! Engage with those who engage with you, and follow them (selectively), commenting on their websites and social media as well.



reasonsThere Are No Action Buttons

You know the saying about potential. It’s just that, nothing more. You’ve got to take action! Make action buttons clear with simple clickable words like “Get Started,” “Free Ebook,” and “Sign Up Here for 20% Off!”



reasonsThey Don’t Trust You

In the words of Billy Joel,  it‘s a matter of trust. When people do sign up for something, promise you’ll never spam or sell info ever, and give away something in return for their trust in you. Also, put testimonials on the landing page so your customers hear from real people who love your stuff.



reasonsAd Overkill

Ads are fine, but if they’re too big, confuse the reader, or block content, you’ll want to downsize.



reasonsRegistration’s Required For Entry

Hi. Will you marry me? It works in a few cases, but usually it’s a HUGE turn off. Unless you’re selling booze (and need an “over 18” entry box), forget the landing page signup. Invite readers into your inner circle later, but don’t make them commit before the introduction.



reasonsThey Didn’t Feel It

We google to feel better. That is, we’re looking for something to enrich our lives at that very moment–an answer, a purchase, even a song. No matter your content, remember to both inform and entertain, even if the entertainment is simply a bright page with a cool video introduction. Make them feel welcome with good content they can use now.

Most of all, have fun! Love what you do, and do what you love. The world can be a better place because of it.