You don’t have to go any farther than your own backyard to get a new perspective. Day trips, museums, country roads, and even a bus trip downtown can do wonders for sparking the imagination. Don’t hesitate to write outside the box!



Your Blog’s Combox

Most of our great discoveries are right in front of us. Make a weekly practice of taking one of your combox comments and turning it into a long post answer. You’ll not only answer your reader’s questions, you’ll be educating yourself.




You’ll find more ideas than you ever wanted on Reddit, but be warned. You may get lost in there for a long time, figuring out how to make fabulous homemade sushi (thanks bonha!).



Attend Tribal Events

Show up where your people meet and write posts in real time. Whether it’s a farmer’s market or a fashion show, you’ll have the freshest news on your blog, and meet more folks in your business, both at the same time!



Social Media Hashtag Searches

This might be the simplest way to find hot topics over morning coffee. Simply put a hashtag before words on your mind, and see what other are commenting! Call it stream of conscious blogging!



Forums and Q&A Sites  

You’ll find the most heartfelt and honest questions here, mostly written by Anonymous! Even if you don’t have the answers, someone else in the queue does! Write your best answer, as if Anonymous himself was sitting beside you, and see what comes out. You may have just written your most popular post yet!