Two guys having a conversation on a benchAnswer The Questions Your Audience Is Asking

One graduate professor gave me the best advice about writing just about anything. With just a few words, he turned something laborious into something quite fun: Pretend your reader is right behind you. Answer the questions they’re asking, put them in good order, and you’ll have it done in no time!



A group of women laugh and talkTalk With Your Reader

On the same note, consider your list a conversation with your reader. Pretend you’re at a dinner party or at the pub, and use that same conversational happy banter to create the tone of your list.



A graphic of geometric trianglesUse the Inverted Triangle

Put the most notable sentence first. (Your english teacher called this your ‘thesis’ or ‘topic sentence.’) Add details in sentences following, and don’t forget to reward loyal readers with some juicy nuggets at the end!



A pair of scissors on a pile of yarn

Cut The Fluff

Everyone’s time is precious, so make sure to cut where you can. But then again, repetition is mother of learning! So say what you need to say, and then say it again with an example, picture, or story.



A cute cat sleeps on a bed Sleep On It

Even when a post seems perfect, read it through again in the morning and tweak your work. The morning light makes things brighter!



Sunset SwingingMake It Fun!

Lists both inform and entertain. Throw in some humor and remember, the more you write about what you know and love, the better your lists will be.