reallyStory, Story, Idea.

We all know people love to relate, feel strong, and be a part of something bigger than themselves. So when you’re introducing something new to your audience, build multiple bridges so both you and your audience can crossover into each other’s world. One of the most effective ways to do this is through story. Try using two stories for each principle or idea you share with your audience. Their responses will give you more fuel for your fire. And don’t worry about negative reactions–if someone’s mad or glad–they’re still engaged! 



reallyGive 3 Shout-Outs To Every Caller

When someone says hello on your social media, give them a triple ping! Whether it’s liking photos, making a comment, sending an informative link, or even sharing that reader’s comment with your audience in a post, you’ll not only brighten their day, you may have a fan for life.



reallyFormal’s Forever In Style

You may think formal correspondence titles gone forever, but just try using “Miss” “Ms” and “Mr” in your correspondence, along with “Dear” and “Best Regards” and see what happens! It may not fit every market, but it’s something to keep in mind, especially when you’ll never ever see most of your online customers. Though we all love our flip-flops!, there’s something oh so ennobling about keeping written forms alive and kicking on any written correspondence, on paper or online. If you’ve got a great product, adding ribbon, card, or artisan touch can go a really long way.



reallyWhat Can I Do For You?

It’s the line used in diners, mechanic shops, boutiques and stores all around the country, and perhaps the most consoling words we hear when we’re pressed to get things done. Begin every blog and business with service in mind, and you’ll keep giving your audience more of what they want to keep them coming back.



reallyThanks, Coach!

No matter what you’re blogging, think of yourself more as Coach than Seller. Making meaningful content, encouraging your audience with wit, humor, and style, and having a great product to make the world a better place–all these put you in a place of influence for the good. Build a great team, and you’ll get your business winning!