Optimize Your Content

Choose what content your audience sees after each post and Engagement Grower will split test your selections and tell you what's working the best.

A laptop with Engagement Grower's Interface on it.

Features galore

It's easy to use, easy to learn, and extremely effective.

So Easy To Use

Whether you're a blogger, editor, or big publisher, we built this plugin specifically for you. It's so easy to use, it only takes a few seconds!

Crazy Fast

With Engagement Grower, you won't have to worry about time. Our code's optimized for performance with a small code base loaded in the footer. Basically, you'll not just work faster, you'll work smarter.

Premium Add-ons

Upgrade the plugin with some of our premium add-ons that enable features like infinite scroll and advanced analytics.

Super Mobile Friendly

We're optimized for today's Mobile First world. Engagement Grower looks great on any website, no matter the screen size.

Cool Unique Algorithm

Behind the scenes, Engagement Grower uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the most engaging content. With your best content at the ready, you'll keep 'em coming back for more.

What they're saying...

While using Engagement Grower, my blog traffic increased by over 125%.

It has definitely revived old content, led people to spend more time on my site, and led more people to opt in for email marketing.  – Candice Beckmann from Beckmann Collaborative

Code built for speed

We've built Engagement Grower to be as efficient as possible, so it won't slow your site down.










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